Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) was established in 1987. The only university of its kind at that time, it started it's journey on the 13th of February 1991 with only three departments: Physics, Chemistry and Economics, 13 teachers and 205 students. It has now expanded to 7 schools, 27 departments and a number of institutes and centers. The number of teachers has grown to 487 and the students to 9262. Besides, the University has 8 affiliated medical colleges…

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Editorial Board

  • Prof. Dr S M Saiful Islam
    Dept. of Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtarul Islam
    Dept. Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science

  • Prof. Dr Md Zakir Hossain
    Dept. of Statistics

  • Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam
    Dept. of Business Administration

  • Prof. Dr Mohammad Shahidur Rahman
    Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

  • Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed
    Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Prof. Dr Md Shamsul Haque Prodhan
    Dept. of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

  • Prof. Md Abul Kalam
    Dept. of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

  • Md Fazlur Rahman
    Additional Register

Message from Chairman

It is with much joy and anticipation that we celebrate the launch of totally modified "SUST Journal of Science and Technology" (SUSTJST) with this issue. On this occasion, I like to thank our Vice Chancellor Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed for the new Editorial Board and his continuous encouragement.

SUST Journal of Science and Technology, a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, is published biannually. On behalf of the SUSTJST Editorial Team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of SUSTJST. I take this opportunity to thank our authors, editors and anonymous reviewers, all of whom have volunteered to contribute to the success of the journal. An enormous amount of work has been done into the development of this journal and I believe, you will see that effort reflected in this edition and in the impact it will have on the field. It has been an interesting journey in many aspects.

SUSTJST is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high quality research papers on how advances in science and technology can help us meet the challenges of the 21st century, and capitalize on the promises ahead. I welcome contributions that can demonstrate near-term practical usefulness, particularly contributions that take a multidisciplinary /convergent approach because many real world problems are complex in nature.

Peer review is the pillar of a journal’s success and it depends on the quality and inspiration of its reviewers. The performance of the referees is also important to the authors, who have the right to a rapid and fair review. Our Editorial Board carefully selects the reviewer on the basis of their scientific proficiency, scholarly figure, rational integrity and commitment to the journal.

SUSTJST welcomes original research/review articles in the area of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Soi1 and Forestry, Environmental, Engineering and Technology. The journal does not wish to receive any paper on research work that has already been reported in parts or any copywrite material that has been submitted or accepted for publication either in a journal or conference proceedings elsewhere in any form, in print or electronic media. It is the sole responsibility of author to ensure that all manuscripts are new, 100% original and unpublished in any form any media or language, shall not infringe upon or violate any kinds of copyrights of others and does not contain any plagiarizes, fraudulent and improperly attributed materials.

Finally, I wish to encourage more contributions from the scientific community to ensure a continued success of the journal. I always welcome comments and suggestions from authors, reviewers and readers that could improve the quality of the journal.

Thank you. I hope, you will find SUSTJST a informative one.

Prof. Dr S M Saiful Islam

Dept. of Chemistry
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

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