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Does Mother’s Health-seeking Behaviour Influence Child’s Health? A Study in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Mohammad Mojammel Hussain Raihan (

Authors : Mohammad Mojammel Hussain Raihan (

Keywords : mothers’ health-seeking behaviour, socioeconomic factors, child health, childhood illness, Sylhet

Abstract :

This study assesses mothers' health-seeking behaviour for their children and how it relates to mothers' socioeconomic status and their children's health. A semi-structured survey questionnaire was used to collect quantitative data from mothers with one to two-year old children (n—175). Six case studies using a guided questionnaire were conducted to substantiate the survey findings. Children’s illnesses were classified using intensity scores based on the frequency of diseases. Results show that about 60% of the mothers were under 25 years old, and nearly 75% had fewer than eight years of schooling. The monthly family income of most (70%) of the respondents was less than 10,000 BDT (118.5 $). Around 70% of the children were born at home and did not receive any medical treatment following their birth. When their children were sick, more than 60% of mothers did not seek medical treatment. According to the findings, mothers' socioeconomic status and health-seeking behaviours are associated; thus, under-five children are more likely to suffer from common childhood illnesses.  

Published on July 1st, 2021 in Vol 32, No 1, Social Sciences