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Access to the Internet and Global Trade: Re- evaluating People’s Attitudes towards Globalization

Corresponding Author : Md Rafiqul Islam (

Authors : Md Rafiqul Islam (

Keywords : Access to the Internet, Globalization, Global trade, Trade

Abstract :

People’s attitude towards global trade is a vital discussion in the context of the recent insurgence of populism as a politico-cultural trend around the world. This article explores the roles and consequences of internet usage, one of the most significant means of information exchange and communication, in determining individuals’ mindsets concerning the idea of globalization. Analyzing a survey-based data set covering individuals across twenty-eight countries around the world, this article argues that, in addition to significant socio-economic determinants such as education, relative income, age, and gender, access to the internet has its fair share of significance in making a positive impact on people’s attitudes towards global trade. The findings also indicate that the effects of internet usage are more prominent on the individuals who would otherwise not be able to capture the gain from global trade.

Published on July 1st, 2021 in Vol 32, No 1, Social Sciences