General Information and Instruction to Authors

Papers, which have not been published elsewhere, would be considered for publication.

The manuscript should contain title of the paper, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conciliation, acknowledgement (if any) and references.

Each article must have an abstract, which should not exceed 150 words. Abstract should include only the gist of the paper i.e. just the results achieved by authors and in no case it should contain the subject of the material and methods and/or any descriptive parts of the paper.

Standard units currently in vogue in the subjects concerned should be used.

The number of tables and figures should be kept at absolute minimum. The same data should not be used both for the tables and figures. Tables and figures should be numbered in the order in which they are mentioned in the text. Each table and figure should have a descriptive title. The place of inclusion of the figures and tables in the text must be clearly indicated.

References should be given inside the text within square bracket at the appropriate places (e. g. [5]) and at the end of the paper be arranged according to the order as follows:

Journal: [5] Marcus, S. L. and Holland, K. G., Proposal for a compound honeycomb collector, Solar energy 35.
Books: [3] Stegum, I. A. and Abraham, I. (eds) Handbook of Mathematical function, page 8, Dover, (1967).

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