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Seasonal Variation in Agricultural Wages: Evidence from Rice Sector in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : M. Ismail Hossain (

Authors : Jahangir Hossain (, M. Ismail Hossain (

Keywords : Seasonal Variation, Agricultural Wages, Rice Production

Abstract :

The paper examines the seasonal pattern and the determinants of variation in rice sector wage addressing the issues how supply of and demand for labour shape the nature of seasonality in rice sector. Using data pertaining to the rice producing households from three villages of Bangladesh, the study finds how rice producing households take part in labour market by engaging themselves either as supplier of labour or employer or both. In Boro season, the coefficient of excess demand variable is significant, as the season is characterized by excess demand. Empirical result also shows that unlike Boro season, there is no excess supply or excess demand in rice sector labour market in Aman season in Bangladesh meaning that the rice sector labour market is in disequilibrium in Boro season and more or less in equilibrium during Aman and Aus seasons. There exists seasonal variation in wage in rice sector more due to demand side variables than supply side variables. Empirical results show that cultivation and employment related variables such as total cultivated land, total production, and alternative to rice producing activities are playing prime role in variation in wage.

Published on December 30th, 2021 in Vol 32, No 2, 2021 (Special Issue on Bangladesh Development Perspectives : Issues of Economic Justic, Social Sciences