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Does Mother’s Health-seeking Behaviour Influence Child’s Health? A Study in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Mohammad Mojammel Hussain Raihan (

Abstract : This study assesses mothers' health-seeking behaviour for their children and how it relates to mothers' socioeconomic status and their children's health. A semi-structured survey questionnaire was used to collect quantitative data from mothers with one to two-year old children (n—175). Six case studies using a guided questionnaire were conducted to substantiate the survey findings. Children’s illnesses were classified using intensity scores based on the frequency of diseases. Results show that about 60% of the mothers were under 25 years old,…

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Access to the Internet and Global Trade: Re- evaluating People’s Attitudes towards Globalization

Corresponding Author : Md Rafiqul Islam (

Abstract : People’s attitude towards global trade is a vital discussion in the context of the recent insurgence of populism as a politico-cultural trend around the world. This article explores the roles and consequences of internet usage, one of the most significant means of information exchange and communication, in determining individuals’ mindsets concerning the idea of globalization. Analyzing a survey-based data set covering individuals across twenty-eight countries around the world, this article argues that, in addition to significant socio-economic determinants such as education,…

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Exploring the Relationships between the Health and Sanitation Practices in an Urban Based Upazila, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Towfiqul Islam Khan (

Abstract : Health and sanitation are associated with each other whereas sanitation is a function of excreta management, wastewater management, solid waste management and drainage systems; where health means a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. This study attempts to discover the relationships between the health and sanitation practices in urban-based areas. The study was conducted on 200 respondents of Teghori-Kalagachi Mauza of Chuadanga Sadar Upazila, in the district of Chuadanga. Pearson’s Correlation analysis has been used to analyze primary and secondary data.…

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Global Enterprise: Home and Human Relationship in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rain Forest

Corresponding Author : Md. Ishrat Ibne Ismail (

Abstract : Asian-American writer Karen Tei Yamashita’s debut novel, Through the Arc of the Rain Forest (1990), problematizes local, national, and global concepts through representative characters from Asia, America, France, and Brazil. Published in 1990, the novel does not miss out on critiquing the global enterprise of capitalism. However, the author engages magical realism to examine the capitalist dynamics operating at different levels of relationships across the Amazon and the world. Setting up the significant actions at the Matacao in the Amazon,…

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Time, Memory, and Consciousness in Hamlet: A Bergsonian Study

Corresponding Author : Talukdar Mohammad Misbah Uddin (

Abstract : Memory plays a crucial role in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Hamlet in which Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, finds himself in a situation where his mother gets married to his uncle within two months of his father’s ‘Unusual” death. Hamlet’s memory of his deceased father turns into an obsession and controls and defines his actions and inactions and the destiny of many other characters in the play. Moreover, Hamlet’s memory of his father, experience of the Ghost, and his actions and inactions…

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