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Poverty by Restrained Access and Right to Livelihood Assets and Capability among Adivashi People in Chattogram Hill Tracks ((CHT) of BangladeshCHT

Corresponding Author : Md. Moniruzzaman Khan, Ph.D (

Authors : Nurunnahar Mazumder (

Keywords : Poverty, Livelihood asset, Capability, Adivashi

Abstract :

Taking into consideration Livelihood Assets Framework and Capability Approach as theoretical

framework this paper finds answers of what are the root causes behind poor livelihood assets of

Adivasi 1 people in CHT? How CHT peoples became the victim of poverty? What types of

consequences are they bearing due to poverty? What are the challenges CHT people faces for

being functional and capable? To find answers to these questions this study has been

conducted by following a methodological triangulation, where a total 200 respondents were

interviewed face to face for quantitative data and five case studies were conducted to gather

qualitative data from five several areas of Bandarban Sadar in Bandarban district. The findings

of the study show that educational insufficiency, poor social contract, low level of business

knowledge, forced migration, reservations of forest etc. are the major causes behind poverty of

CHT people and these are the major representatives of livelihood assets those contribute to the

vulnerable conditions. This study also reveals that political collision among government, Bengali

and Adivasi local leader, lack of economic, social and service-related security, less social

settlement etc. are causing lack of livelihood assets and that creates obstacles for being

functional and capable to eliminate poverty.

Published on June 30th, 2022 in Volume 33, Issue 1, Social Sciences