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Estimation of Water Quality in Surma River Using Digital Image Data

Corresponding Author : S.Z. Farzana (

Authors : S.Z.Farzana (

Keywords : Surface Water Quality, Water Quality Modeling, Digital Image, RGB, Surma River

Abstract :

Typical water quality measuring techniques in Bangladesh are time-consuming, costly, and are not certainly accessible to the general people while it is very essential for ensuring safe water for different household and drinking purposes. In this study, a low-cost digital camera has been used to measure different water quality parameters aimed to shape it as an alternative to the traditional system. Water samples were collected from two points of the Surma River, and subsequent images were taken with camera height and angle variation. The samples were then analyzed in the laboratory, and the RGB values of the images were carefully extracted to establish a correlation between water quality and digital image data. The pixel intensity of red color components has shown the best correlation with Turbidity and TSS while both blue and green have shown the same with BOD. This method will help in a speedy measurement of water quality which can act as an efficient alternative tool and may substitute the traditional method.

Published on October 25th, 2021 in Volume 3 Issue 1, Civil Engineering, Environment and Architecture