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Slope failure induced hazard in Khulshi Area of the Chittagong city, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Md Shofiqul Islam (

Abstract : Slope failure during the heavy monsoon rainfall is happening as the penalty of extreme hill cutting for urbanization and deforestation in Khulshi area, causing a hazardous incident including the loss of life and property. In this paper, we present the main causes for landslide by determining the engineering and geological properties of in-situ soil samples. The analyzed slopes are consisting of two types of formations. The lower part comprises of hard and compact silt/clay layer with high cohesion (6.1 KPa)…

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Study on the quality characteristics of processed green tea extract during storage period

Corresponding Author : Wahidu Zzaman (

Abstract : Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing and helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer. A study was conducted to evaluate the changes in quality characteristics of processed green tea extract for 21 days. Green tea extract was prepared in the laboratory scale with the addition of two different green tea from Kazi & Kazi (K-1) and Finlay (F-1), honey and ginger juice. The changes in…

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Effects of Anthropometric Factors on Grip Strength and Work Capacity

Corresponding Author : S. M. Uddin (

Abstract : This present study is planned to explore the effects of some anthropometric factors (age, height, weight, hand length, handbreadth, elbow to wrist length, BMD, BMI, and BF%) on grip strength, and to investigate how anthropometric variables, grip strength are related to work capacity. Sixty subjects (30 male & 30 female) were recruited to be volunteers for this study. Grip strength of dominant hand was obtained by using Digital Pinch/Grip Analyser. Standing Broad Jump (SBJ) method was used for work capacity…

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Probiotification of Mango Juice by Lactic Acid Bacteria and Quality Assessment at Refrigerated Storage Condition

Corresponding Author : M. A. Hossain (

Abstract : Two lactic acid bacteria: Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus fermentum were used for the production of probiotic mango juice. Three probiotic juice samples viz. sample 2 (inoculated with L. plantarum), sample 3 (inoculated with L. fermentum) and sample 4 (inoculated with mixed culture of both L. plantarum and L. fermentum) were prepared by these two isolates, which were compared with that of control (sample 1), where no Lactobacillus strains were used. Fermentation was carried out at 37 °C for 24 hours.…

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End-to-End Bengali Speech Recognition using DeepSpeech

Corresponding Author : M. M. H. Nahid (

Abstract : One of the main challenges in Bengali speech recognition is modeling phoneme alignment. The exact prior probabilities of phoneme transitions in an individual word are not known; in this paper, we seek to investigate the DeepSpeech network for recognizing individual Bengali speech samples. There are recurrent LSTM layers at the heart of this network for modeling internal phoneme representation. We have added convolutional layers at the bottom which obviates the need of assuming anything about internal phoneme alignment. We have…

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