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A Study on the Efficiency of Permeable Concrete with Scrap Tire Rubber

Corresponding Author : M.I. Kabir (

Authors : M.I. Kabir (

Keywords : Permeable Concrete, Plastic Waste, Water Sensitive Urban Design, Stormwater Management

Abstract :

With the advancement of civilization, the volume of polymeric wastes, for example, tire rubber is expanding at a quick rate. This study attempts to utilize this discarded tire rubber to produce permeable concrete for stormwater management in urban area facilitating water sensitive urban design and to compare it with the conventional permeable concrete. In this study, 5%, 10% and 15% coarse aggregate are replaced with shredded tire rubber (as w/w ratio) maintaining a constant water cement ratio of 0.32. It has been observed that for 5% rubber replacement, the permeability increases to about 11% compared to the conventional permeable concrete. However, the strength reduces to about 17% in 28 days as expected. These results promote the possibilities of solid waste- along with stormwater- management in urban context.

Published on October 25th, 2021 in Volume 3 Issue 2, Civil Engineering, Environment and Architecture