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Explore the Impacts of Digital Technology on the Home Confined Children During COVID-19 Isolation: Is it Blessing or Curse?

Corresponding Author : R. M. S. R. Pir (

Authors : R. M. (

Keywords : Pandemic, COVID-19, Interaction, Digital, Technology

Abstract :

The rate at which COVID-19 has rapidly been spreading has made every sector of human life to feel its impact immediately. Like adults, children are also suffering heavily since the outbreak of Covid-19. The education institutes in most parts of the world have been closed since last week of March, 2020. When the school break became longer, new online learning policies were taken and most of the students around the globe started to attend online classes. Children have started to use digital devices more often than usual for communication and entertainment. Recent studies have shown that the way of interaction with the technology has a significant impact on the growth and ethical impact of these children. The objective of this review study is to summarize the recent studies that have addressed the impact of technology on children during this pandemic. From an initial set of 62 articles, a total of 17 articles were finally selected through an inclusion-exclusion process. In our review, we have explored the objectives and findings of the existing studies and also compared the findings with an ethnographic study conducted over few parents and children of english medium schools of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Although most of the findings from the literature review match with the result of the field study, hence there are couple of mismatches too. In this paper, Kitchenham structure was followed and scientific papers published only in well known databases like google scholar, ACM and IEEE Xplore etc were collected and studied. The paper also includes some recommendations for the parents and school authorities so that the children can use digital technology more fruitfully.

Published on October 25th, 2021 in Volume 3 Issue 1, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics