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Stabilization of Weak Power Grid using Renewable Energy Source with Droop Controller

Corresponding Author : Ifte Khairul Amin (

Authors : I. K. Amin, (, S. Pal (, S. S. Dhar (

Keywords : Weak grid, Energy Storage, Droop controller, Voltage fluctuation

Abstract :

 As the world population is growing fast, the demand for electricity in our daily life is also increasing rapidly. To meet the high demand and fight against global warming worldwide, use of renewable energy sources seems the inevitable choice. In the last few decades, the use of renewable energy has increased immensely. Our country is not an exception to that. Though the government has taken many initiatives to send electricity to the most remote corners of the country, yet due to ever increasing demand the strength of the national grid has not increased enough. Voltage and frequency fluctuations are common problems in rural areas which often stops the consumers from utilizing the full potentials of electricity. The aim of this paper is to show the use of renewable energy not only as a source of electricity but also as a means of stabilizing the frequency behavior of a weak grid. For the stable operation of the grid, there must be a real time balance between demand and supply. Only then the voltage and frequency will be within their acceptable ranges. For this purpose, a micro grid of renewable energy sources with a droop controller is proposed in this work. The proposed system is capable to balance the real and reactive power demanded by the load and thus ensures frequency and grid voltage balancing for the proposed microgrid. 

Published on October 25th, 2021 in Volume 3 Issue 2, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics