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Evaluate Bearing Capacity of Fixed Type Sand Compaction Pile (SCP) in Clay with the Variation of Clear Distance between Two Successive Piles

Corresponding Author : Md. Foisal Haque (

Authors : M.F. Haque (

Keywords : Bearing Capacity, Diameter, Replacement, Stress Concentration, SCP

Abstract :

Sand compaction pile (SCP) is the economic and less time-consuming technique of ground improvement for most of the countries concerning other piling methods based on the historical data and it is used for the replacement of cast-in-situ, precast, timber, and composite piles. The installation method of SCP is easier and faster than other methods because of less unit weight and no additional materials are inserted during construction. Square patterns of SCP are most suitable and easier to construct than others because of the higher replacement area ratio as well as stiffness of SCP. In the present study, SCP with square patterns is considered for the evaluation of bearing capacities with the variations of the diameter of SCP, stress concentration ratio, and clear distance between two successive SCP. Maximum bearing capacity is 500kN for a diameter of 1000mm and no bearing governs inside the soil body when clear distance varies from 0mm to 500mm for the diameter of SCP less than 600mm. Maximum bearing capacity observes for unique stress concentration ratio and higher stress concentration ratio prevents increment of the shear strength of soil which influences bearing capacity.

Published on March 29th, 2022 in Volume 3 Issue 2, Civil Engineering, Environment and Architecture