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Effect of Blanching Pre-Treatment and Drying Temperature on Drying Kinetics and Quality Characteristics of Mango Peel Powder

Corresponding Author : M.S. Hossain (

Authors : Z.T.Arpa (

Keywords : Mango peel, Blanching, Drying, Moisture diffusivity, Mango Peel Powder

Abstract :

<p>Mango is a seasonal nutritious fruit as it generates mango peel as a byproduct from the mango processing industries in a huge amount. The effect of pretreatment (hot water blanching & steam blanching) and drying temperatures (60°C, 65°C, 70°C) by convective drying on drying kinetics of mango peel and sensory properties of dried mango peel powder (MPP) were evaluated. Increasing Drying rate and decreasing drying time were observed by increasing the drying temperature. The maximum drying rate was observed for hot water blanching, 0.0131/min in 70°C and minimum for unblanched sample, 0.0067/min in 60°C. Highest diffusivity coefficient (De) was noticed for 70°C, hot water blanched sample 53.092×10-6 (cm2/min), then for steam blanched and unblanched sample 42.892*10-6 (cm2/min) and 31.274×10-6 (cm2/min) respectively. For 60°C unblanched sample diffusivity coefficient (De) was found minimum, 27.221*10-6 (cm2/min) and after that for steam blanched and hot water blanched sample was found 35.192×10-6 (cm2/min) and 42.959×10-6 (cm2/min) respectively. Steam blanched MPP obtained from 60°C drying temperature was the best sample in respect of color and flavor.</p>

Published on October 25th, 2021 in Volume 3 Issue 1, Chemical, Food processing, Petroleum and mining