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Natural Regeneration and Diversity of the Tree Species at Satchari National Park in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Rabeya Sultana (

Authors : Rabeya Sultana , Md. Mostafizar Rahaman

Keywords : Relative Density, Regeneration Density, Relative Frequency, Relative Abundance, Importance Value Index

Abstract :

Natural regeneration is the basic stage of forest dynamics which helps in the recovery of ecosystem functions. Therefore, the future of a forest ecosystem depends on proper knowledge of the regeneration status and composition of tree species. Based on regeneration data collected from a total of 50 sample plots, this study aimed to explore the diversity and composition of the naturally regenerating tree species at Satchari National Park (SNP), a protected area with high conservation priority in Bangladesh. We found a total of 31 species belonging to 20 families. Moraceae was the dominant family with three species. Artocarpus chaplasha was the dominant regenerating species of the forest. On the contrary, Terminalia bellirica, Anthocephalus chinensis, and Tectona grandis showed the lowest regeneration success. We found most of the regenerating species were shade-intolerant and indigenous. The findings of this study can play an important role in selecting appropriate tree species for future plantation programs in the Satchari National Park.

Published on December 29th, 2021 in Volume 31, Issue 2, Agriculture and Mineral Science