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Natural Regeneration and Diversity of the Tree Species at Satchari National Park in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Rabeya Sultana (

Abstract : Natural regeneration is the basic stage of forest dynamics which helps in the recovery of ecosystem functions. Therefore, the future of a forest ecosystem depends on proper knowledge of the regeneration status and composition of tree species. Based on regeneration data collected from a total of 50 sample plots, this study aimed to explore the diversity and composition of the naturally regenerating tree species at Satchari National Park (SNP), a protected area with high conservation priority in Bangladesh. We found…

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Characterisation and lethal dose determination of EMS induced mutation in Gallong jhum rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Corresponding Author : Romel Ahmed (

Abstract :

Chemical mutagenesis has been used to increase genetic diversity in crop plants. Among the chemical mutagens, Ethyl Methane Sulphonate (EMS) is stated to be the most effective and strong mutagen causing a high frequency of nucleotide substitution, as found in different genomes. Determination of mutagenic sensitivity is an important step in the mutation breeding program as it differs with species and varieties. Therefore, an attempt was made in the study to determine the lethal dose (LD50) of EMS for Gallong…

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Seismic Performance of Building with Haunched Beams by Simplified Non-Linear Static Analysis (NSA)

Corresponding Author : Md. Foisal Haque (

Abstract : Haunch mechanism of beam influences on the building performance under seismic loading. Displacement coefficient method expresses better performance of haunch than capacity spectrum method. Actually, evaluation of overall performance of a building is very complex because many primary and secondary components are involved with it. However, in this paper, seismic performance of 12-storied building with haunched beams is evaluated by displacement controlled non-linear static analysis (NSA) by using ETABS. Two variable parameters effect on overall performance of building and individual…

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Monte Carlo simulation of Bose-Einstein condensation in a harmonic potential trap

Corresponding Author : Dr Md Enamul Hoque (

Abstract : Bose-Einstein condensation has been attained using Monte Carlo simulation on non-interacting ideal bosons confined in a harmonic potential trap at near-zero temperature (~0K). A connection has been established between the cyclic paths originated by the interchange of identical bosons and condensation. At low temperatures, long cycles appear and condensation is obtained consequently. The simulated result is in perfect agreement with the corresponding theoretical findings.

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Simulation of Waveform Generator

Corresponding Author : M. S. Islam (

Abstract : Dirac's equation deals with the electromagnetic interactions in quantum mechanics. This equation can be modified for the classical modulated waveform. This paper presents a simulation approach for generating electromagnetic wave packets from the modified Dirac's electromagnetic equation solution. From this solution, an equivalent numerical circuit using SIMULINK is designed. This numerical circuit generates an exact amplitude modulated waveform of the solution. An analog circuit of the equation using op-amp is also designed with SIMULINK. The circuit generates an amplitude modulated…

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Photoluminescence Quenching in blends with Poly(3-hexylthiophene) and Fullerene/Non-fullerene Acceptors

Corresponding Author : Nazia Chawdhury (

Abstract :

Photogenerated charge transfer behavior from a p-type poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) donor material to an n-type fullerene and non-fullerene acceptor materials have been studied in blend solution with the help of photoluminescence (PL) quenching. The PL spectra were studied using two different excitation sources. The small gap fullerene-ethyl nipecotate and phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) are fullerene-based and poly naphthalene-bithiophene (N2200) is a non-fullerene-based n-type acceptor material used in this research work. Observation shows that the P3HT:N2200 blend with a weight ratio…

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