Determining Tree-habitat Associations at the Raghunandan Hill Reserve Forest in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Swapan K Sarker (

Abstract : The Raghunandan Hill Reserve (RHR) Forest is situated along the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot and comprises natural vegetation patches in the northeastern Bangladesh. Despite being a high conservation priority area, this is one of the least studied reserves in the tropics. In this paper, we classified the tree communities of the RHR and provided a first comprehensive investigation on tree-soil relationships. We collected vegetation and environmental data from 61 sample plots and recorded 40 tree species belonging to 22 families and…

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Subsurface water modeling and structural analysis using VES: A case study of Kumargoan area, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Md Shofiqul Islam (

Abstract : Groundwater zones and subsurface lithology in Kumargoan area were identified by the Geophysical Electrical Resistivity Survey method. Seven (07) Vertical Electric Sounding (VES) had been conducted using the Schlumberger array. Pseudo-sections and cross-sections have been generated by IPI2 WIN (version 3.0.1) considering the geology, hydrogeological conditions in the study area. Two major aquifers have been in the study are at different depths. A major discontinuity is detected within the area which causes the main discrepancy in the aquifer distribution between…

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User Satisfaction of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as an Alternative form of Public Road Transport System: A Survey-based Approach

Corresponding Author : P. K. Biswas (

Abstract : Electric Vehicles (EVs) being newly introduced in Bangladesh, attains much popularity among the urban passengers and it also reduces environmental pollution. EVs now become an inseparable part of the public transportation system in Bangladesh. This study is carried out to measure user satisfaction in the perspective of EVs passengers. Heterogeneous Customer Satisfaction Index (HCSI), is used to measure the level of user satisfaction. Here, customer satisfaction represents a measure of EVs performance according to user needs and expectations. Ten transit…

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Finite element formulation employing higher order elements and software for one dimensional engineering problems

Corresponding Author : Razwan Ahamad (

Abstract : The paper concentrates to present finite element formulation of equilibrium problem in one dimension employing lower to higher-order finite elements and the development of the relevant software based on the explicit schemes. Present formulation is new and the elements of order one to tenth are considered and element matrices are presented in such a way that the code in any computer language can be developed easily. Finally, the efficiency and accuracy tested through the demonstration of application examples.

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Synthesis, Characterization and Structure of an Iron-silyl Complex Containing Bis(silyl) Ligand Based on O-Heterocyclic Aromatics

Corresponding Author : Rockshana Begum (

Abstract : The bis-(silyl)ligand-based on O-heterocyclic aromatic backbone DBFsil-H2 (1) were prepared by dilithiation of the 4,5-positions of dibenzofuran using n-BuLi in presence of tetramethyl ethelenediamine (TMEDA) followed by addition of chlorodimethylsilane. UV irradiation of Cp*Fe(CO)2Me and 1 in pentane produced Cp*Fe(DBFsilH)(CO)2 (2). X-ray diffraction analysis ensured the structure of complex 2 along with the rigid nature of the dibenzofuran core.

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Application of Stochastic Frontier Model in Evaluating the Efficiency of Allowance related Public Safety Nets Programmes in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain (

Abstract : The stochastic frontier model is usually used in estimating the technical efficiency of production of firms. Several social safety nets programmes in Bangladesh are working to protect individuals living in vulnerable conditions. Using the primary data of 130 rural clusters covering 620 households for old age people, 327 for widows and 173 households for disables, this study attempts to apply the stochastic frontier model to evaluate the efficiency of three main allowance related public safety nets programmes considering two outcome…

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