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Seismic Performance of Building with Haunched Beams by Simplified Non-Linear Static Analysis (NSA)

Corresponding Author : Md. Foisal Haque (

Authors : Md. Foisal Haque

Keywords : Haunched Beams, Non-Linear, Performance, Seismic, 12-Storied Building

Abstract :

Haunch mechanism of beam influences on the building performance under seismic loading. Displacement coefficient method expresses better performance of haunch than capacity spectrum method. Actually, evaluation of overall performance of a building is very complex because many primary and secondary components are involved with it. However, in this paper, seismic performance of 12-storied building with haunched beams is evaluated by displacement controlled non-linear static analysis (NSA) by using ETABS. Two variable parameters effect on overall performance of building and individual performance of haunched beams. These are haunch thickness and ratio of haunch length to beam length. These parameters control minimum base shear, plastic hinge rotation and plastic hinge moment. For all case, minimum value obtains for 6 inch of haunch thickness at haunch to beam length ratio of 0.2 except performance point target displacement. Minimum target displacement is very close to 12 inch for 10 inch thickness of haunch at haunch to beam length ratio of 0.3. In this research, plastic hinge response satisfies acceptance criteria, which ensures safety of building under seismic loading.

Published on December 31st, 2021 in Volume 31, Issue 2, Applied Sciences and Technology