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Economic Feasibility of Hydroponics Production System under Polyhouse: A Case Study in Gazipur, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Farzana Raihan (

Authors : Sajedul karim , Monir Uddin Ahmed , Sultan Mahmud , Md. Rezaul Karim , Farzana Raihan

Keywords : Hydroponics, Polyhouse, Economics feasibility, Cost-Benefit Analysis

Abstract :

Hydroponics system is more input-intensive that requires a large amount of investment than the conventional crops production system. There is a need for economic analysis of the hydroponics for emerging growers in Bangladesh. The study aims to find out the economic feasibility of this production system and compare it with the traditional system. To do so, this study employed the case-study methodology to evaluate the profitability and feasibility of the farm, which uses this system. A thorough inspection of costs and production structure and gross margin was performed. Our results displayed that the estimated profitability indicators showed better economic results for the hydroponics system. The results on feasibility study showed that all economic indicators were in line with the acceptability of the project. We found that the NPVs are positive for all polyhouses. Despite the high level of fixed costs, this system provided the high internal rate of return which was supported by the previous studies. This result can be used to start new method of agricultural system which can help to fulfill the demand for seasonal crops off-season and can mitigate the risk of climate change in aggregating crop production in Bangladesh

Published on December 31st, 2022 in Volume 32, Issue 1, Agriculture and Mineral Science