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Construction worker’s safety measures: A comparative risk analysis of construction sites of City Corporation and municipal areas of Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Towfiqul Islam Khan (

Authors : Md. Risadul Islam , Md. Abu Hamjalal Babu , Towfiqul Islam Khan

Keywords : Construction worker, Safety Measures, Risk Assessment, Risk Management

Abstract :

This study assesses the risk status of construction workers at different levels of municipal and local government. Construction workers perform a crucial function for the structural and financial improvement of the country. This area is much less mechanized, but it requires more effort. Security issues are the main topic of this business. Various information has shown that this discipline is incredibly dangerous. This research attempted to evaluate the threat reputation of manufacturing workers at different levels municipal and municipal level using a structured risk assessment questionnaire in which primary data plays the main role. This evaluation leads to represent the comparative vision of security practices at the two levels indicated above. In addition, an effective risk management framework for safety issues was formulated which will ensure a safe workplace and reduce loss of life and property and develop an effective framework for sustainable safety management. This study has assessed the risk status of construction workers at different level (city corporation level and municipality) that leads to represent a comparative overview between them. This research can apply to the construction workers all over Bangladesh so that people can have a safe environment while working and give their best to build up the country

Published on December 31st, 2022 in Volume 32, Issue 1, Physical Sciences