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River channel shifting over the last 50 years of Upper Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Md Shofiqul Islam (

Authors : Md Shofiqul Islam , Sharmin Akter

Keywords : River erosion, Channel shifting, Brahmaputra River, Char, Kurigram

Abstract :

River erosion in the Brahmaputra basin is a common phenomenon, but it also causes adverse effects on human beings and the environment. This study illustrates the dynamics of channel shifting and bank erosion for the last five decades of the mighty Brahmaputra River. It was found that the Brahmaputra River was expanding/widening over time and is about 45% from its previous width in 1972. During 1972-2020, a total of 199.00 sq. km of land (agriculture/vegetation) area was eroded by the river in a particular area of Interest (AOI) alone. The Char area also increased simultaneously as the riverine area increased, but different features were seen after 2015. Google Earth and land viewer imagery indicate that a substantial basal erosion was observed and might be caused by limited sediment supply from upstream or human interference caused by decreased char area. The massive erosion and instability of chars/islands were observed, influencing the victims' life patterns.

Published on December 31st, 2022 in Volume 32, Issue 2, Applied Sciences and Technology