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Effect of the Normal Optical Potential on the D(d,n)3He Reaction

Corresponding Author : S. K. Das (

Authors : U. K. Mazumder , S. K. Das (, N. Ferdous , A. Begum , H. M. Sen Gupta

Keywords : reaction D(d,n)3He, theory of DWBA formula

Abstract :

The optical model parameters were employed in the studies of nuclear reaction D(d,n)3He at several energies within the framework of the DWBA method of direct reaction. Various sets of optical model potentials were tried in the incident channel, while the n- 3He potentials were used in the exit channel. A fairly good description of the reaction was possible. The spectroscopic factors obtained in this way were around approximately half of these expected from the simple shell model. The reaction was looked upon as a stripping of the incident particle, but the possibility of target stripping cannot be ruled out.  

Published on December 31st, 2011 in Volume 14, Issue 2, Applied Sciences and Technology