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Generation of Response Spectra Along With Time History for Earthquake in Dhaka for Dynamic Analysis

Corresponding Author : A.B.M. Saiful Islam (

Authors : A.B.M. Saiful Islam , Syed Ishtiaq Ahmad , Mohammed Jameel

Keywords : Peak displacement, response spectra, pseudo response spectra, natural frequency, spectral acceleration

Abstract :

Earthquakes subject structures to time varying-forces which, in turn, produce time-varying displacements and stresses within the structures. From a design view point, only the maximum values of displacement and stress are of interest—the variation with time of these quantities is of little consequence. For survival the structure must withstand the peak value whenever that may occur. Therefore only the peak value is needed to be known to successfully design a building and this information is made available in the form of response spectra. In this study effort has been made to generate response spectra, which may be directly used in the dynamic analysis of structures in Dhaka. As there is a deficient in apposite earthquake data at Bangladesh especially for Dhaka region, time history of Dhaka Earthquake was at first generated here from recently occurred Natore Earthquake considering maximum ground acceleration of Dhaka soil and then from the time history response spectrum is developed. As response spectrum for a given earthquake is quite irregular and has a number of peaks and valleys, efforts have been made to construct smooth response spectra also. Statistical approach has been adopted to create a smoothed response spectrum to make it suitable for design. The study reveals a Time History Function as well as design Response Spectrum corresponding it for the detail dynamic analysis and proposes these as suitable for seismic design of buildings in Dhaka.  

Published on December 31st, 2011 in Volume 14, Issue 2, Applied Sciences and Technology