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In Silico Identification of Suitable Alternative Milk for Human Infants either Allergic or Not to Co

Corresponding Author : Shakhinur Islam Mondal (

Authors : Shakhinur Islam Mondal , Simrika Thapa , Abdullah Zubaer , Chinmoy Saha , Md. Asraful Alum , Arzuba Akter

Keywords : Allergy, Infant, CMP, casein, lactalbumin

Abstract :

The issue of nutrition is of great concern in case of infants. Although mother’s milk is the primary source of nutrition for infants, during deficient condition they should be provided with alternative supplement, where cow milk is the general choice. However, cow milk proteins are found to be allergic to few. Milk of some other mammals or soy milk has been tried as alternative protein source to allergic infants. The current study has disclosed the best alternative to mother’s milk among the trialed mammalian milks. The in silico analysis of casein alpha-S1 and lactalbumin, the major allergenic milk proteins, unveils that goat milk is a more suitable alternative to cow’s milk than the sheep’s milk in case of allergic infants. Even under normal physiological conditions, goat milk is found to be the best alternative to human milk due to strong sequence similarity within major milk proteins.  

Published on December 31st, 2011 in Volume 14, Issue 2, Applied Sciences and Technology