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Localized states of modified Dirac equation

Corresponding Author : S.B. Faruque (

Authors : S.B. Faruque , S.D. Shuvo , M. Moniruzzaman , P.K. Das

Keywords : Dirac equation, modified Dirac equation, energy spectrum, dispersion relation

Abstract :

In this paper, we introduce an extension of the Dirac equation, very similar to Dirac oscillator, that gives stationary localized wave packets as eigenstates of the equation. The extension to the Dirac equation is achieved through the replacement of the momentum operator by a PT-symmetric generalized momentum operator. In the 1D case, the solutions represent bound particles carrying spin having continuous energy spectrum, where the envelope parameter defines the width of the packet without affecting the dispersion relation of the original Dirac equation. In the 2D case, the solutions are localized wave packets and are eigenstates of the third component of total angular momentum and involve Bessel functions of integral order. In the 3D case, the solutions are localized spherical wave packets with definite total angular momentum.

Published on December 30th, 2019 in Volume 29, Issue 2, Physical Sciences