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Preparation of Biodiesel from Castor Oil by Two-Step Method

Corresponding Author : Kaniz Ferdous (

Authors : M. Rakib Uddin , Anjan Deb , Jannatul Ferdous , Maksudur R. Khan , M. A. Islam

Keywords : Castor oil, Two-step method, Free Fatty Acid, Esterification, Transesterification

Abstract :

Current study reveals the production of biodiesel from non-edible oil such as castor oil (Ricinus Communis). Castor seed was collected from the local area of Sylhet region. Oil was extracted from seed by two different methods, Soxhlet extraction method and mechanical press method. Various properties of the raw oil were measured by standard methods. In the current study biodiesel was prepared from castor oil by two-step method due to higher Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content of raw oil. In two-step methods, the first step is acid catalyzed esterification followed by base catalyzed transesterification. The reaction parameters for esterification and transesterification were optimized. Finally, various properties of produced biodiesel from castor oil, such as specific gravity, viscosity, FFA, cloud point, flash point, saponification value, etc. were measured and compared with standard diesel and biodiesel properties.  

Published on December 30th, 2012 in Volume 20, Issue 3, Applied Sciences and Technology