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Silicon-based Multi-junction Solar Cell

Corresponding Author : G. A. Lita (

Authors : K. N. Kali , I. F. Akter , M. N. Islam (

Keywords : photovoltaic devices, solar cell, amorphous silicon alloys, glow discharge technique, IV characteristics and spectral response etc

Abstract :

Thin film of hydrogenated amorphous silicon based (a-si:H) alloys have attracted the considerable interest now a days because of their potential application as photovoltaic material. The present status of this material and its application to photovoltaic devices (designing solar cells technology) have been studied. The multijunction or Tandem solar cell [TCO/p-i-n/p-i-n/TCO] fabricated by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique (PECVDT) / Glow-discharge Technique. It is essential to characterize solar cell to study the performance for further improvement. So I-V (current-voltage) characteristics and spectral response of these cells are studied and different cell parameters have been determined. The efficiencies of these cells: (17-20) % and fill factors (0.40-0.78) respectively and compared to the previous results, which are approximately similar.  

Published on December 30th, 2012 in Volume 20, Issue 3, Applied Sciences and Technology