Safe and Efficient Distribution Management of Liquefied Petroleum Gas for Domestic Usage

Corresponding Author : Md. Delowar Hossain (

Abstract : Domestic gas supply to consumers is a big concern of the government of Bangladesh as the reservation of natural gas will be exhausted within an era. To mitigate the domestic gas crisis, the government of Bangladesh has already introduced liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a suitable alternative energy source of natural gas for household consumers. Therefore, installation of proper gas distribution system throughout the country is essential to ensure the optimum LPG consumption maintaining adequate safety. As per depicted domestic…

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Potentials and Hindrances of Directing Remittances in Investment: A Study in the Sylhet Region of Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain (

Abstract : The Sylhet region of Bangladesh is undoubtedly a potential hub for industrial development due to its comparative advantage in terms of land, raw materials, capital, location specific advantages for international business, Diaspora network of Sylheti expatriates, etc. The foreign remittance is regarded as an important instrument for economic development of the region. An attempt is made to explore the potential and hindrances of directing remittances in investment sectors. The study has analysed a primary dataset generated by a field survey…

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An Alternative Approach to Gravity based on Multiple Independent Fields

Corresponding Author : B. K. Chakravorti (

Abstract : We present a new approach to gravity theory. In this approach, four independent fields convey the gravitational force. These fields are colored in the sense that they do not add up to Newtonian potential and field for two body gravitational interaction. The fields are generated by two types of mass of a single body; the gravitoelectric charge (mass)m and gravitomagnetic charge (mass) -2m. Here, there is no disparity between source and test particle masses which is usually seen in typical…

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Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow through Stenosed Artery Using Bifurcation Concept

Corresponding Author : Md. Alamgir Kabir (

Abstract : Blood flow patterns are extensively associated with the initial development of atherosclerosis in the bifurcation of the carotid artery. In the present study, two different arterial bifurcation geometrical models are used to investigate the hemodynamic parameters numerically. Model 1 is assumed as a bifurcated carotid artery without stenosis whereas Model 2 with stenosis. The inlet boundary conditions for the streamwise velocity have been created by the equation of sinusoidal pulsatile velocity profile and the program is written in C-language using…

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Internal consistency and structure of the statistics anxiety rating scale: A multivariate analysis among undergraduate students of SUST, Sylhet

Corresponding Author : Mohammad Romel Bhuia (

Abstract : The need for basic statistics knowledge in undergraduate level is increasing day by day. However, many students find it difficult to figure out statistical concepts and have become one of the greatest challenges among students at all levels of study. Few studies related to statistics anxiety have been done in the regions other than English-speaking populations. No study has yet been done to examine the internal consistency and structure of Statistics Anxiety Rating Scale (STARS) in Bangladesh. This study aimed…

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Epimorphic Image of P-Ideals of P-Algebras

Corresponding Author : M.R. Talukder (

Abstract :

In this paper, we study p-ideals of a p-algebra. We prove that epimorphic image of a p-ideal is a p-ideal. Our main result is that the lattice of p-ideals of a p-algebra L is isomorphic to the lattice of ideals of the Boolean algebra formed by the closed elements of L.

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Determining Tree-habitat Associations at the Raghunandan Hill Reserve Forest in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Swapan K Sarker (

Abstract : The Raghunandan Hill Reserve (RHR) Forest is situated along the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot and comprises natural vegetation patches in the northeastern Bangladesh. Despite being a high conservation priority area, this is one of the least studied reserves in the tropics. In this paper, we classified the tree communities of the RHR and provided a first comprehensive investigation on tree-soil relationships. We collected vegetation and environmental data from 61 sample plots and recorded 40 tree species belonging to 22 families and…

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Subsurface water modeling and structural analysis using VES: A case study of Kumargoan area, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Md Shofiqul Islam (

Abstract : Groundwater zones and subsurface lithology in Kumargoan area were identified by the Geophysical Electrical Resistivity Survey method. Seven (07) Vertical Electric Sounding (VES) had been conducted using the Schlumberger array. Pseudo-sections and cross-sections have been generated by IPI2 WIN (version 3.0.1) considering the geology, hydrogeological conditions in the study area. Two major aquifers have been in the study are at different depths. A major discontinuity is detected within the area which causes the main discrepancy in the aquifer distribution between…

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User Satisfaction of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as an Alternative form of Public Road Transport System: A Survey-based Approach

Corresponding Author : P. K. Biswas (

Abstract : Electric Vehicles (EVs) being newly introduced in Bangladesh, attains much popularity among the urban passengers and it also reduces environmental pollution. EVs now become an inseparable part of the public transportation system in Bangladesh. This study is carried out to measure user satisfaction in the perspective of EVs passengers. Heterogeneous Customer Satisfaction Index (HCSI), is used to measure the level of user satisfaction. Here, customer satisfaction represents a measure of EVs performance according to user needs and expectations. Ten transit…

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Comparison of proximate composition and antioxidant activity of black and green tea available in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Iftekhar Ahmad (

Abstract : The present study was carried out to compare the black and green tea available in Bangladesh with respect to nutritive composition and antioxidant activity. Eight brands of black tea and two brands of green tea were bought from local super market. The variance between every proximate content (moisture, protein, fat, ash, and carbohydrate) of black and green tea was found statistically insignificant (p > 0.05). The total antioxidant activity was determined by phospho-molybdenum assay method and green tea performed significantly…

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