Analyzing Groundwater Potential Recharge Zones Using AHP, RS and GIS Techniques in Bishwamvarpur Upazila, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Towfiqul Islam Khan (

Abstract : This study shows the demarcation of capacity zones where groundwater can get recharged in Bishwambharpur Upazila in Sunamganj, Bangladesh by using analytic hierarchy process, remote sensing, and geographic information system techniques. To create thematic maps of several geospatial factors having an immediate or indirect effect on the availability of groundwater, geology, slope, geomorphology, soil, LULC (land-use land-cover), drainage density, lineaments density, and rainfall distribution, remotely sensed and conventional statistics have been obtained from several reasserts and analyzed in GIS software.…

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Development of an efficient protocol for Robiquetia spathulata (Bl) J.J. Sm. an Endangered Orchid Species Through in vitro Techniques

Corresponding Author : Tapash Kumar Bhowmik (

Abstract : Robiquetia spathulata (Bl) J.J. Sm. is an epiphytic endangered orchid species of Bangladesh and PM (Phytamax - Arditti, 1977) basal medium was best for seeds germination than KC (Knudson, 1946), MS (Murashige and Skoog, 1962), MVW (Modified Vacin and Went, 1949) media. Sucrose was highly favorable for germination as a source of carbohydrates than glucose and lactose. The highest mean increased length of seed originated seedlings (3.68 ± 0.22cm) and individual shoot bud (3.37 ± 0.18cm) were achieved on 0.8%…

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Evaluation of phenotypic and genotypic variation of local pumpkin germplasm for improved breeding purposes

Corresponding Author : Romel Ahmed (

Abstract : Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata), a popular vegetable in Bangladesh, has a wonderful source of minerals, fibers, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Attempts were taken in the present work to select the best parents of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) among the 20 local germplasms for improvement breeding. The collected germplasms were evaluated for phenotypic and genotypic variations based on flowering days, vine length, fruits length and weight, yield and pericarp length that were found to differ significantly (p< 0.01). Time required to flowering varied…

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Natural Regeneration and Diversity of the Tree Species at Satchari National Park in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Rabeya Sultana (

Abstract : Natural regeneration is the basic stage of forest dynamics which helps in the recovery of ecosystem functions. Therefore, the future of a forest ecosystem depends on proper knowledge of the regeneration status and composition of tree species. Based on regeneration data collected from a total of 50 sample plots, this study aimed to explore the diversity and composition of the naturally regenerating tree species at Satchari National Park (SNP), a protected area with high conservation priority in Bangladesh. We found…

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Characterisation and lethal dose determination of EMS induced mutation in Gallong jhum rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Corresponding Author : Romel Ahmed (

Abstract :

Chemical mutagenesis has been used to increase genetic diversity in crop plants. Among the chemical mutagens, Ethyl Methane Sulphonate (EMS) is stated to be the most effective and strong mutagen causing a high frequency of nucleotide substitution, as found in different genomes. Determination of mutagenic sensitivity is an important step in the mutation breeding program as it differs with species and varieties. Therefore, an attempt was made in the study to determine the lethal dose (LD50) of EMS for Gallong…

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A Modular Landscape Model for Low Cost Settlement. Case study: Sylhet, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Mohammad Shamsul Arefin (

Abstract : This study aims to innovate an affordable landscape design model for under privileged urbanized areas of a growing cities. The lower income population from rural areas, frequently migrate to the urban areas for short or long-term basis to ease their poverty. This internal migration takes place for several reasons caused by manmade and natural disaster and dream of better life expectancies. These migrant people may get work and money in a certain number per single family, but it keeps them…

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Seismic Performance of Building with Haunched Beams by Simplified Non-Linear Static Analysis (NSA)

Corresponding Author : Md. Foisal Haque (

Abstract : Haunch mechanism of beam influences on the building performance under seismic loading. Displacement coefficient method expresses better performance of haunch than capacity spectrum method. Actually, evaluation of overall performance of a building is very complex because many primary and secondary components are involved with it. However, in this paper, seismic performance of 12-storied building with haunched beams is evaluated by displacement controlled non-linear static analysis (NSA) by using ETABS. Two variable parameters effect on overall performance of building and individual…

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Distribution of Internal Rural-Urban Migration in Bangladesh: Application of Probability Models

Corresponding Author : Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain (

Abstract : The study of migration through probability models is very crucial for an in-depth understanding of the pattern, the volume of migration, and the factors acting on it. The study is devoted to the application of probability models to describe the pattern of household-level migration in Bangladesh. The probability models have been tested using a nationwide representative dataset of Bangladesh generated by the project “Rural-urban Migration and its Implications for Food Security in Bangladesh” under the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening…

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Monte Carlo simulation of Bose-Einstein condensation in a harmonic potential trap

Corresponding Author : Dr Md Enamul Hoque (

Abstract : Bose-Einstein condensation has been attained using Monte Carlo simulation on non-interacting ideal bosons confined in a harmonic potential trap at near-zero temperature (~0K). A connection has been established between the cyclic paths originated by the interchange of identical bosons and condensation. At low temperatures, long cycles appear and condensation is obtained consequently. The simulated result is in perfect agreement with the corresponding theoretical findings.

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Simulation of Waveform Generator

Corresponding Author : M. S. Islam (

Abstract : Dirac's equation deals with the electromagnetic interactions in quantum mechanics. This equation can be modified for the classical modulated waveform. This paper presents a simulation approach for generating electromagnetic wave packets from the modified Dirac's electromagnetic equation solution. From this solution, an equivalent numerical circuit using SIMULINK is designed. This numerical circuit generates an exact amplitude modulated waveform of the solution. An analog circuit of the equation using op-amp is also designed with SIMULINK. The circuit generates an amplitude modulated…

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