Synthesis and Characterization of Palladium Acetylide Complexes with Heterocyclic N-Donor Ligands

Corresponding Author : Muhammad Younus (

Abstract :

Mono- and bis-acetylide complexes of palladium with two different N-donor ligands of the type cis-[Pd(LL)(C≡CR)2] (LL = 1,10-phenanthroline, R = C6H5 3, and LL = 2, 2-bipyridine, R = C6H5 5) and [Pd(LL)Cl(C≡CR)] (LL = 1,10-phenanthroline, R = C6H5 4, and LL = 2, 2-bipyridine, R = C6H5 6) were prepared by the dehydrohalogenation reaction between cis-[Pd(LL)Cl2] and phenyl acetylene ligand. The complexes were characterized by IR, UV-vis spectroscopy. These palladium-carbon σ-bonded complexes were sensitive to air in contrast to…

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Photoluminescence Quenching in blends with Poly(3-hexylthiophene) and Fullerene/Non-fullerene Acceptors

Corresponding Author : Nazia Chawdhury (

Abstract :

Photogenerated charge transfer behavior from a p-type poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) donor material to an n-type fullerene and non-fullerene acceptor materials have been studied in blend solution with the help of photoluminescence (PL) quenching. The PL spectra were studied using two different excitation sources. The small gap fullerene-ethyl nipecotate and phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) are fullerene-based and poly naphthalene-bithiophene (N2200) is a non-fullerene-based n-type acceptor material used in this research work. Observation shows that the P3HT:N2200 blend with a weight ratio…

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Biomass and Carbon Estimation of the Four Major Tree Species in Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : A. Z. M. Manzoor Rashid (

Abstract : Wetland forests– a major ecosystem of Bangladesh, is still being neglected despite of having enormous potentials particularly in case of ecosystem balancing and CO2 accumulation. Under this purview, the present study aimed at estimating the biomass and carbon stock of four major tree species namely Pongamia pinnata, Barringtonia acutangula, Syzygium fruticosum and Lagerstroemia speciosa at Ratargul swamp forest under Sylhet Forest Division. Thirty sample plots (20 m × 20 m) were taken to enumerate biomass and carbon stock of the…

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Are Diamond’s assembly rules applicable in tropical threatened vascular plants assemblages in the Tarap Hill Reserve in Bangladesh?

Corresponding Author : Mahmuda Sharmin (

Abstract : Disentangling the co-existing patterns (random or non-random) of species and to infer about assembly rules underpinning the observed patterns are central research issues in community ecology. Previous empirical results suggested that Diamond’s assembly rule explains a considerable amount of observed species spatial distribution pattern variation. However, the rule has yet to be checked in tropical forests where plant communities experience high anthropogenic disturbances and rapid conversion of natural forests has resulted in fragmented forests with many threatened species. In this…

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A comparative study focusing on antioxidant properties of the selected green leafy vegetables: Chenopodium album, Brassica juncea and Brassica campestris

Corresponding Author : Razia Sultana Chowdhury (

Abstract : Green leafy vegetables (GLVs) are believed to possess strong antioxidant potential. In this study, antioxidant properties of three GLVs were examined. Methanolic and ethanolic extracts of Chenopodium album, Brassica juncea and Brassica campestris were analyzed for total phenolic contents (TPC), total flavonoid contents (TFC), DPPH radical scavenging activity and Ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP). The results indicated that methanolic extract of B. campestris credited for the highest amount of TPC (226.48 µg GAE/mg) whereas the lowest amount was found in…

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Determination of Groundwater Recharge Variation in Sylhet Sadar Upazila Using Water Table Fluctuation Method

Corresponding Author : Md. Shamim Ahmed (

Abstract : This study efforts to determine the variation of groundwater recharge and recharge rate with rainfall in Sylhet Sadar Upazila by water table fluctuation method. Rainfall and groundwater level data of the period 1990-2014 were collected and analyzed. The annual recharge varied from 56.35 mm to 225.19 mm with average of 110.31 mm. The annual groundwater recharge rate for the study period varied from only 1.68% to 5.13% with an average of 2.89% due to lower specific yield. In case of…

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An interactive code for automatic (h- and p-versions) mesh generation and the solution of one-dimensional Bio-heat Equation

Corresponding Author : Md. Shajedul Karim (

Abstract : In this study, first, we develop an algorithm for the automatic mesh generation employing the nth order one-dimensional finite elements, preparing the elements data, and forming the element connectivity. Secondly, we modify the techniques for evaluating the integrals needed to compute the components of the element matrices and improve the assembly process to form the global matrices. Then, we develop an interactive computer code incorporating all the algorithms and techniques for obtaining the solution of the one-dimensional Bio-heat equation. The…

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Documentation and Architectural Interpretation of the Panishail Temple Complex, Maulvibazar, Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Kawshik Saha (

Abstract : This article represents survey data of historical and architectural documentation of Sri Radha Binod Ashrama locally known as the Panishail temple. Temple architecture is a common feature of traditional religious architecture practice in Bangladesh. This article is a historical and architectural investigation of a less known and mixed type of Hindu temple style in the Bengal region. The Panishail temple complex has a collection of structures that include tomb, temples, and residences aged between fifty to two hundred years. Over…

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Small Area Estimation Method for District Level Prevalence of Maternal Health Care Indicators in Bangladesh

Corresponding Author : Mossamet Kamrun Nesa (

Abstract : Small area estimation (SAE) method is commonly used to obtain micro-level estimates of development indicators. The SAE method through Fay-Herriot model is well-known to compute small area level estimates. This study aims to apply Fay-Harriot model to estimate the district level maternal health care indicators (MHCI) viz., antenatal care (ANC), postnatal care (PNC), skilled birth attendance (SBA), and caesarean section (C-section) with their accuracy level. Both Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) 2011 and Bangladesh Population and Housing Census (BPHC)…

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Safe and Efficient Distribution Management of Liquefied Petroleum Gas for Domestic Usage

Corresponding Author : Md. Delowar Hossain (

Abstract : Domestic gas supply to consumers is a big concern of the government of Bangladesh as the reservation of natural gas will be exhausted within an era. To mitigate the domestic gas crisis, the government of Bangladesh has already introduced liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a suitable alternative energy source of natural gas for household consumers. Therefore, installation of proper gas distribution system throughout the country is essential to ensure the optimum LPG consumption maintaining adequate safety. As per depicted domestic…

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